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Free Consultations
If you would like to schedule a Free Consultation session to discuss your project, your financing options, property evaluation, or just to review your current financing strategy, we are available to assist you. As your advisor to customize a financial strategy for each client. We’ll work closely with you to assess all finance options and use our proprietary content management  system to manage the process. Our Free Consultation sessions are designed to give you an opportunity to get to know us and for us to get to know you to determine if we are a good business fit for each other. These sessions are designed to provide us with an opportunity to get to know each other to determine if we are a good business fit for each other. These session are typically scheduled for 30 minutes. If you would like to schedule a 30 minute consultation session with one of our staff, schedule your session here.

Joint Venture Program
In some instances, we function as a equity partners for some of our clients. We may provide down payment, DD fees  and other expenses for a equity position in the projects. These deals are usually structured as Debt And Equity transactions. The ideal equity partner will have a strong background in Construction or property management. If you would like to learn more about this program, create your investor profile to begin the process.

Commercial Loan Packaging
We frequently receive loan request from investors that include, word file, excel files, pdf’s, jpegs, gif  as part of the investor’s loan request. Most of these submissions are automatically declined because the loan simply isn’t packaged properly. A professionally packaged loan must not only contain all the right documents , but it must also be in the proper format. A large percentage of our submissions are never viewed because they require too much time to review because the data is either incomplete or in the improper format.  Those project are either put on the bottom of the files or are deleted .

Commercial Property Underwriting
Property underwriting is one of the most important factors that determine whether a project is financed and the rates and terms that will be offered. 90% of all commercial loans are denied by commercial underwriters. In order to increase the chances of getting your projects approved, we recommend that all of our clients have their properties professionally underwritten prior to submitting for approval. This one process can save weeks and thousand’s of dollars in cost and fees. A professionally underwritten property automatically qualifies for the best terms and rates. Don’t gamble on your financing, do the right way and get the best deal.

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